How To: Make pretty melt and pour jewel toned soap loaves

Make pretty melt and pour jewel toned soap loaves

Breads get made in loaves not because bakers find the shape aesthetically pleasing, but because it saves them lots of time, energy, and effort.

You should use this clever breadmaking trick when you create soaps, as well, which can be melted and poured into loaves, each of which can be cut to produce twenty slices of soap.

In this tutorial you will see how to make jewel tone loaf soap slices. It's a bit time consuming to make all the colored embeds, but when you are done, this project will yield enough embeds to make two loaves. That's approximately 20 boutique style soaps. The project is divided into 2 sessions. Session one is all about the embeds. In session two we assemble the embeds into the loaf. Follow along and see what lovely jeweled soaps you can make to sell or for gifting.

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