How To: Make whipped/float soap

Make whipped/float soap

Here is the procedure to prepare a whipped / Float soap.

You will need to have spatulas, bowls, pitcher, measuring cup, mould, mixture and scale. The ingredients required for the preparation are coconut oil, vegetable oil, rice bran oil, cocoa butter, distilled water and sodium hydroxide. Measure out your sodium hydroxide and water. Then add the sodium hydroxide to the water. We need to set this aside or put it in the freezer to cool. Since we are making a pie, some soap is shredded for crust and pressured it to the bottom of the mold. Now measure out the hard oils: coconut oil and vegetable oil. Then whip these oils together until it had the consistency of whipped topping.

Add the soft oils: Safflower, rice bran and cocoa butter (melted). Whip this mixture again. Add sodium hydroxide water slowly and carefully while mixing.

Once it looked like whipped cream, split the mixture in half and color to one part. Pour the mixture into the pan covered with saran wrap, covered with towel and leave it overnight. Now it is ready to come out of the mold. Now cut and set cure for 2-4 weeks.

Now sliced and decorated pie is ready.

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