How To: Make a tangerine candle

Make a tangerine candle

Scented candles don't have anything on this Moujan creation. The best part is that it's "Hella simple."


* Orange, tangerine or another favorite citrus fruit
* Cutting knife
* Olive oil (other cooking oils work too)
* Match/lighter


1. Pour 3/4th of an inch of olive oil inside the half of the citrus with the wick stem.
2. Take the other half and create a hole at the top. Be creative and create a shape, like a star! You are a star!
3. Take the match/light and set the wick aflame. Place the other half of the orange/tangerine on top of the bottom portion of the orange.
4. You are set for life! Or at least until the flame burns out or burns through the peel.

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