How To: Make a candle burn more slowly

Make a candle burn more slowly

We all love the relaxing quality and lovely smell a burning candle adds to a room but it is frustrating when candles burn through too quickly. By taking into consideration the placement and properly prepping the candle you'll give it a longer life.

Making your house smell like vanilla or sweet lavender doesn't come cheap these days, so follow these tips to make your candles last longer.

You Will Need

* A candle
* Scissors or nail clippers
* A candle snuffer

Step 1: Choose a candle

Choose a candle with a regular shape, such as a cylinder or sphere, preferably with multiple wicks. These burn more evenly and waste less wax.

Step 2: Refrigerate the candle

Refrigerate the candle for at least one hour prior to lighting to slow the heating of the wax.

Step 3: Place in a draft-free area

Place the candle in a draft-free area to limit uneven melting.

Avoid burning candles on windowsills or near anything flammable.

Step 4: Read instructions

Read any instructions for burning that may have come with your candle.

Step 5: Trim the wick

Trim the candle's wick to ¼-inch with scissors or nail clippers prior to each use to reduce smoking and increase oxygen flow to the candle flame

Step 6: Limit burning time

Limit the amount of time you leave a candle burning. Burn time should be two to four hours depending on the candle size.

Allow the candle wax to melt all the way across the candle – not just a small pool in the center – before extinguishing the flame.

Step 7: Use a snuff

Use a candle snuff to extinguish your candle. Store it in a cool, dark, dry place when not in use.

In India, candles were originally made by boiling the fruit of the cinnamon tree.

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Sprinkle salt on the candle - it burns longer with the addition of normal table salt to the wax.

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