News: Make magic trick candles

Make magic trick candles

Think back to the trick candles of your childhood. No matter how hard you blew, those darn things kept lighting back up!

The magic behind it is simple science. The wick is coated with magnesium, the key ingredient for "magic" candles.

Even though you can blow out the flame, enough heat remains in the candle to reignite the exceedingly sensitive magnesium coated wick.

Endless, repetitive fun. Plan to blow out the flame over and over again.

Create a trick candle

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Funny. I have to try this!!!!

wow really coooooooooooooooooooool :-)

where do you get magnesium


how long does the self lighting wear off

the metal pencil sharpeners you buy are usually magnesium.

lol my dad used to use those at my b-day partys when i was little

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