How To: Make your own soap like the pioneers

Make your own soap like the pioneers

This is a clever video that teaches you how to make a craft that is both fun to make, and also a useful item to have around the house- soap! This is from Living a Simple Life Blog and details how to make soap, just like the pioneers. To do this, you will need some equipment, a scale, scent, colorant, lard, lye, coconut oil, plastic containers to hold ingredients while you weigh them, a stainless steel pot, safety glasses, rubber gloves, a miter box, scraper, curing racks, a funnel and a plastic tube modified with end caps so that the soap can dry in it. After you have assembled all of your equipment, you can follow the video's instructions on how to create your own soap. The video also provides information on how to access more information from the group on how to make soap.

Making soap is an economical and safe way to make something you use everyday, or a great idea for making homemade presents.

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