How To: Make a bath bomb using household supplies

Make a bath bomb using household supplies

Taylor and Lily demonstrate making fizzy bath bombs. Ingredients needed are one cup of citric acid, one half cup of corn starch, one cup of baking soda, and one quarter cup of a light vegetable oil. Food coloring and flavored extracts or essential oils can be use to scent them. First mix up all of the dry ingredients in a non reactive bowl. Then add the vegetable oil. Mix with a nonreactive spoon, whisk, or gloved hands. If food coloring is being used, add four drops. If using an extract or essential oil for scent, use approximately one quarter teaspoon. After finally mixing the ingredients, mold the dough in silicone molds, packing it tightly. It can also be packed tightly into a ball using hands. After the fizzies have dried completely, up to 24 hours at room temperature, drop one or a few fizzies into a bath, they will fizz and moisturize bath water.

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