How To: Make bath bomb fizzies

Make bath bomb fizzies

First, get your supplies ready. These would include bowls, gloves, cups with and without spouts, measuring spoons and molds.

Second, get your dry ingredients measured and ready. These include citric acid, epsom salt, Bentonite and sea salt. Mix all together in bowl with your hands, excluding the sea salt.

Next, get your wet ingredients ready. These include grape seed oil, jajoba, vitamin e and borax powder. You could also put color in using essential oils like lavendar. For a colorless fizzy, use rosemary oil.

Mix wet and dry ingredients together and shape with your hands. Use a mist sprayer with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel and then mix and spray a couple more times and mix again.

The consistency should be like wet sand. Pack it tight into your molds.

Take out of molds and they are ready to drop into a bath.

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